Monday, October 31, 2011

Allow yourself to be fully unleashed and expressed in this world

Bono said it best when he said, “the heart is a globe.” Now is the time for the heart of the globe to rise as the reigning power in this small little world that we live in which can seem so big at times because of our perception of separation. The fighting, isolation, depression and addiction are all symptoms of a belief in separation. The heart will be revealed through the people that they are inseparably One with Divinity. The Good word of total Union must have avenues into the world, like a thousand keys turning the key-holes of the hearts of those who are sleeping. With the turn of the key they begin to wake up to their true nature and the light of their heart can burn brightly and beat in unison with the heart beat of God, the Love of the world. A unified heart, mind and body, is a temple for healing and a sanctuary for the soul to do just this, heal. The soul of most individuals carries the scars of many lifetimes, I call them “layers” of stagnate belief systems, which cloud the Light that is always shooting out from the center of a persons stratosphere, is clouded, redirected or simply becomes dim. The kaleidoscope of an individuals light is primarily an array of reflections of a singular Light, fragmented and distorted by the souls journey through lifetimes. The pain, the sadness, the repression, the anger and many other experiences which are meant to be completely circulated into and out of one’s being, become embedded in the soul. We become carriers of that darkness, the dark energy of our families mis-steps, of our societies mis-steps, of our total lack of evolving spiritually and emotionally at the rate and pace at which other systems of our lives have evolved over the last 2000 years. Technology and the aspect of mind which we call Intelligence have been way over-developed, emphasized and respected in many cultures and especially ours, here in the U.S.. As an empathic person, meaning I feel and sense the overall energetic tone of another individual I am, whether I like it or not, often privy to “what’s really goin on.” In most people that I encounter throughout the day I get an overwhelming sense of stress, anxiety, fear and overall discontentment. It is so interesting to watch people grabbing for something, anything to take them from the present moment. Our heart, as a Globe, is broken.

The Good news is that when a heart breaks, it breaks open to a much greater space and play place for the Divine. Isn’t this true of any personal heart-break you have gone through. That through that intimate time of grieving and confusion and darkness that what you emerged with is always a stronger sense of who you truly are. I believe that The Divine is driving us through this broken heart for it is now calling us on a deep level to surrender our mind and participate in creating a much greater heart space to play in us individually and as a collective. As technology developed, the Intellectual aspect of mind developed greatly through the consistent use of it in the world but as with any dynamic body of life which requires the development of all of it’s parts for it to continue to evolve and thrive we have allowed the Intellect to develop so much so that it is now creating a major imbalance in the planetary harmony and evolution. This dis-harmony is tangible in the world. Even in what we consider the most thriving systems we can sense individual discontentment, because it is the system that is thriving through it’s mechanical nature which was the intent of the intellectual designer of the system. The problem with something mechanical is that if an individual somehow falls off the “treadmill” the machinery keeps moving and the individual is left in the dust. In that moment that the individual “gets back on the horse” they have adopted a major driving belief and have been “conditioned” to believe that this is the way that life is. This is not the nature of life, to create systems that are so tightly run that one cannot fall down for they might be left or shamed for those managing to move fast enough to keep up with the machinery of life as we have created it.

The nature of God is Love and the beauty of life is that here is where we get to Play and Evolve with the Unconditional Loving Support of God which is likened to but so much more than a Father, a Mother, A sister, A Friend. Would a Friend send you into a rat race, watch you fall, watch you shamed, watch you struggle to be the same as everyone else? No, this is the conditioning of the ego. Listen inside yourself and ask yourself, is this the nature of God and who I am? Would a mother encourage you to stay in a system where you are constantly fatigued because life told you that you are supposed to work 40-70 hours a week pouring the majority of your life giving energy into someone elses dream? No, and especially not a mother who is Omniscient, who knows all and knows that the purpose of your life is to express more life energy, to find and identify the God seed within you, to discover the purpose for which you specifically came to express yourself, that which came to be fully unleashed and expressed….. THAT is why we are here. Once we understand this, our whole paradigm can shift and we can start to cultivate a relationship the whole oversoul as Emerson calls it through spiritual practices, which have been in place since the beginning of time. You are now free to live out your true meaning and purpose now that you know that most of what you are told, is a lie. Your soul purpose is to discover the God-seed within you and to make yourself available to the Light and Love of God and allow yourself to be fully unleashed and expressed in this world, to let your light shine brightly and in so doing to Glorify God!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Participate in Loving Community

“Somethin’s callin’ me a little bit deeper than I’ve ever been before. (Jami Lula)” This is exactly why I am sober and a yogi…. Because something IS calling me a little bit deeper than I have ever been before. In truth, it is calling me way deeper than I have ever been before and now in my life more than ever before I Am listening, saying yes and taking action which is integrity with my yes. The most beautiful thing that is emerging from my sobriety and yoga practice is a true desire to live a life of service. Service has always been a word that sounds pretty and a must on a resume but not until recently did the word service resonate with me on a root level. Now, when I wake up in the morning I have a longing in my heart to serve others. I finally get it, we are a family and no longer am I satisfied operating as an island. I have a deep and profound craving to participate in Loving community with my brothers and sisters. I feel the wave of enlightenment occurring on the planet and I throw both my arms up and say yes, include me Universe because I feel the change and I have no choice but to hear the call in my heart, I Am a pioneer for these changes. I am dedicated to Love. I dedicate my life to creating Harmony and Unity in my life that I am available to show up and be a dynamic, creative force for Good, Harmony and Unity - All direct derivatives and the very gifts of yoga and sobriety. Yoga is my dedication to my body temple and through my practice I have the opportunity to find(hopefully with compassion) in my body, the years of neglect and stuffed emotion stored in places like my hips or my back. The beauty of yoga is that we get the opportunity for such sweet release each time we return to our mat. This practice coupled with the 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th steps in AA are my state of the art clarification and cleansing package. I’m not sure how I expected to find true clarity in my life without Forgiveness and Release which are so beautifully integrated in both yoga and sobriety. Today, I release the old, and the prophecy for the when and allow myself to be fully present to the gifts of today.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am learning to “stay,” to “pause.....”

I believe there is power in honesty and vulnerability, something which is perhaps being missed in some the New Thought Spiritual Communities but that which is so embraced in the rooms of AA. In the “rooms” we allow each other the space and time to speak from wherever they are in their lives without any need or opportunity to give advice and without doing anything but listening as a group. In this, we all get the chance to witness healing. This should be proof enough that we don’t have the power to fix others and yet there is incredible power in being with others through the ups and the downs of their lives.

Right now, I am feeling deep emotion and my first thought is to smoke, but nope I just remembered I quit smoking 19 days ago, nope, can’t have a glass of wine…thank God that’s not an option anymore ‘cause it never made anything better anyway, at least not in the long run. “Run!” that’s exactly what I want and have been “conditioned” to do. But through sobriety and yoga, I am learning to “stay,” to “pause,” and experience the truth of “this too shall pass.” The perfect example is being in a revolved triangle pose, one of the most challenging yoga poses in my current practice, I just want to back out or push harder, past my body’s limits and yet the most peace I find is just staying somewhere in the middle and breathing, the next posture will come soon enough, just stay.

So, in this moment I pause and chose a healthier outlet, writing. I will share my journey with you through this keyboard. I will “stay”, stay present until the heat of this current of emotion recedes like a wave into the ocean of my life. It’s all Good…. It’s all God.

Friday, October 28, 2011

This this is My Creativity in the World – The Word

I am sober to make myself available to Insight and Revelation – the revealing of Truth from within. I realize that I have found this place inside of me which is the source of all of all of life and I realize and remember that this place exists in all people. I am here to remind you of that place within you and walk with you as you become more and more skilled at accessing and activating life from this place. This morning I wake with a feeling of anxiety and stress and I give myself another opportunity to wake up through meditation, I was blessed to feel my heart expanding through the anxiety and now available again for this moment of Inspiration, of writing. You see, that place within me has told me that I am to write…. This this is my creativity in the world – the word. I heard it from within on several occasions until it became so loud that it was coming over the Universal loud speaker and soon enough it started reflecting in my world – several individuals would tell me that they had an intuitive thought that I should be writing. The message is undeniable even though I haven’t ever considered myself a “real writer” except for my consistent spiritual practice of journaling. I love journaling but writing in this format as an answer to what I believe was a call is somewhat intimidating. I know I must listen though and continue to come to the keyboard and make myself available for creativity for this is what I so deeply believe in…. that each has a call that is making itself known within them and all around if we learn to pay attention to the synchronicities. I am here to guide people in connecting with their call and therefore it is vital that I am listening and more importantly taking action on my own personal call.

I have been practicing making myself available to Divinity for years and the intuitive voice within me seems to have been developing in clarity, depth and volume, sometimes louder than others. Now is a time where the voice within me was telling me something I really wasn’t familiar with as a part of my dream for this stage of my life but again it is telling me to write, so here I am and if you are reading this than you too must be called to learn to make yourself available for your call. As far as how this is going to go, I don’t know. I am fully trusting the Divine to orchestrate these works of writing for the purpose of, well that I don’t even know, but I know that all is being revealed in absolute perfection and it has something to do with your call and mine!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turning the key-holes of a thousand hearts

The thing about sobriety is that we could all use a little more of it. Yet, it’s one of the most courageous things one could do in a world like this. Who wants to be one of the few to face their feelings when everyone else is running around pretending they don’t have any. Masking their feelings with all of the distractions of daily life. We are living for our distractions and have for so long that the idea of being with what’s really in our mind’s, with the havoc that the subconscious mind has created while we run from it every minute of every day. We work tirelessly long hours to occupy ourselves long enough to sit in tedious traffic with the radio blaring the bad news to get home to here about the distractions which occupied the day of our loved ones. We buy into consumerism, over-everything – eating, drinking, smoking, gossiping, television watching, sleeping, working. What is so daunting about being quietly with oneself? FEAR – we’ll find FEAR truly running the show…. Our bubble of a false image of Pleasantville will be burst for the one person we can’t lie to is, ourself. If we know than everyone else might know too and that would in most people’s mind be the ultimate tragedy – not that they themselves are lacking the most quality of life, happiness, joy or even true contentment – but that another might know about it. We are, so many of us, hiding in our closets of dillussional darkness and fear and pretending sheepishly that no one else knows about it. Guess what, there are no secrets, we are all One. No truly, we are all ONE…. Meaning truly and deeply connected and springing from the same thing which means that there is no separation between me and you and if I listen deeply inside of me I can always feel and know what is going on inside of you. So, let’s stop lying to ourselves first and start getting honest with each other… it’s our only way out of the dark delusional closets that we have mistakenly locked ourselves in. Sobriety is a good beginning.