Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Turn Breakdowns Into Breakthroughs

Gooood morning sober yogi’s around the globe.  Well, I just had quite the sobering experience at the Baptiste Level 1 yoga teacher training in Sedona, AZ.  All I can say is “wow.”  Ok, so I have more to say on the matter… but still, wow!  I did not know what to expect going into the experience and now I am blown away by the incredible gifts that were born in a week packed full of emotional, spiritual and physical growth.  Our schedule looked a little something like this, 6:45am – breakfast, 8:30am – meditation for an hour or two, 10ish-yoga for 3-4 hours, 1:30ish – lunch, 3ish – “chair session”, 5:00ish – snack, 6:00ish - 2-3 hours of yoga, 9pm – dinner, 10:30 – chair session, 12:30-1am’ish – bedtime(phew)!  I’m amazed first of all that this girl who likes to be in bed no later than 9pm had the capacity to endure and eventually thrive on such a schedule.  The fact is we were eating clean and living clean and it’s amazing how much energy is freed up to flow, hint hint(**if you’re passed the stages of early sobriety where anything goes – perhaps now is the time to start to court the idea of eating and living clean ;) More importantly, we were exploring our boundaries and pushing passed them.  In this way, we were discovering new possibility in our life.  How often do we cruise through life uninterested in going anywhere near the edge of our comfort zone and therefore unengaged with new possibility?  Baron Baptiste(world famous yoga teacher, leader, and writer) was secretly dedicated to, sometimes gently and sometimes not so gently, nudging  us toward the discovery of the blind spots within our consciousness, otherwise known as the places that we play small.  It became apparent very quickly that he was dedicated to creating crisis(which simply means crossroads) for us, so that we would have the opportunity to turn a breakdown into a breakthrough.   Let me tell you, I discovered a few…in fact I have a whole new list of step 6 character defenses – 1.) the need to be right 2.) the need to know & charmingly, 3.) the concern for looking good.  I am aware of these now and each time they arise I take the opportunity to let them go.  This is a truly liberating process of revelation and recovery. In the coming days I will share more in depth the details, revelations and breakthroughs of my experience at this life changing training.  For now though, I want to encourage you to develop the awareness that any breakdown that is happening in your life has by it’s nature,  the potential for a breakthrough. If you’re in the rare experience of cruising along without a single breakdown in your life, then chose a place where you feel stuck in your life and commit yourself to a breakthrough in this area.  In the next week, we will explore this process.  Happy Breakthrough’s today yogi’s, on and off your mat!  Big Love! A

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