Sunday, July 12, 2015

Feed Your Faith

Gooood Sunday morning Sober Yogis!  Life is Good in Gratitude & Faith.

Recently I have bee  peeling back layers of “not feeling good enuogh”… one by one I have been addressing them with the simple power of being witness without taking action.  Living in Aspen I live at the epicenter for action.  I live in a culture full of dreamers going, full force, for their dream.  This is both inspiring and challenging.  There is  a particular group of women around my age who have really learned to harness and express their power, their message, their dharma.  To be frank - I get a liittllee bit JEALOUS sometimes… I feel a little left out sometimes and sometimes I sink right down into the pity pot of “poor me” depression.  It really is a depression because depression is life force, Prana, turned inward.  It’s that passion, that spark, being told no by the ego… no, they are already doing what you want to do, they have the money, the power, the wealth to accomplish it and they already have a visible platform to share the vision.  There it is, the voice of my ego and the resulting depression that comes with listening to that voice.  So, here’s how I know I have grown, usually right after the barrage of the above thoughts I experience the same situation as “a kick in the pants to get going on what it is I came here to be, do and have.  All of a sudden I remember that like snowflakes there are no two missions that are the same and instead of sitting there staring at them in dissapointment I realize this is my call to greatness.  So, I begin to ask the potent questions once again.  I begin to ask, God - what is your idea of my life?  What must I become in order to facilitate this vision?  What must I let go of to really step into it?  Ahhh, now I am centered in Truth once again.  It’s amazing how potent questions become the tool to shift and expand our perspective and therefore change our experience entirely.  Thank you for these beautiful women in my life, these beautiful teachers who represent a willingness to BE activated to their full potential, to live their dharma, to speak their Truth, to shine as brightly as possible.  So, I challenge you to see the “competition” as your inspiration.  I enourage you with such sincerity to STAY THE COURSE.  Do not abandon YOUR miSSION for any reason.  you are on the path, God is your guide, through the darkness we will learn to shine our lights - together - BRIGHTLY.  So much Love, A

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