Friday, July 10, 2015

Where would you have me Go? What would you have me Do? Who would you have me Be?

I AM that I Am that pours forth individually - un-divided in, through and as me.  When I sit quietly in meditation in an honest courtship of my Higher Power sometimes I sense so deeply the I AM presence stretching from Infinity and then gathering at this point in time called me. AWESOME & INCREDIBLE I know that although I am not my God, it is I who expresses through me.  So yes I want to know “where would YOU - GOD - this Presence of Infinite Love and Intelligence, where would YOU have me go, what would YOU have me do & who would YOU have me be?  With sincerity I seek to perceive these truths to the best of my ability from this finite and human place.  This program, this yoga, these adventures in nature have all been about the deepening and development of three relationships in life, 1st) My relationship with God, 2nd) My relationship with Myself & 3rd) My relationship with other human beings.  I speak of these as if they are separate when in Truth they are all the same but for all intents and purposes I will address them as three varied expressions of the same.  

You see, I’ve never been one who has been ok with mediocre and if you are reading this, if you are a seeker, if you have been bold enough to walk the courageous path of recovery than I think it is same to assume that you too simply won’t accept mediocre in this life.  So it goes that it is of the utmost interest to me to develop and experience relationships that are deep, dynamic, meaningful and forever expanding in the love and integrity that exists at their potential.   I long to taste God, to feel God, to hear God, to see God in all that I am, all that I do, all that I express.  I long to know myself, to know how to nurture me when the world feels hard and dark, to be able to nurture and hold a loving space for myself, to wrap my arms around me and touch my own face with the tenderness that I would touch a lover.  As a result of these I want to be a VITAL and loving whole in each and every relationship I engage in.  I want to be the lover and the friend that sits with you in such a powerful place of connection with God that you feel like the only, and the most magnificent one in the world.  Maybe just maybe this is a part of the dynamic conversation that I am having with God - maybe this is the beginning of God’s response to these three potent questions that I begin my day with.  The sweetest thing is knowing that if I stay open, if I pause to listen throughout the day… I will stay engaged in this dynamic relationship, this dynamic conversation with my Higher Power.   Are you willing to ask these potent questions?  Don't ask if you don't want to know... if you wish to stay small and keep those oh so stinky and comfortable agreements with mediocrity.  My suggestion is you get after it - be about it and ask... Oh, sweet God, where would you have me go?  What would you have me do?  Who would you have me be?  Go with Greatness!

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