Friday, July 20, 2012

The Platform for My Love for Humanity

The more people we love, the greater humanity becomes” –Anthony Douglas Williams, Inside the Divine Pattern.

Without my sobriety I am hardly the lover that I was intended to be.  My sobriety is the foundation or the fertile soil from which my Divine Purpose is born.  I am here to Love.  My sincerest desire is that Love has It’s Way with me, through me and as me.  My sincerest intention is that my life be a lotus flower of Love, each petal of love unfolding into the world with all of the qualities of Love.  The qualities of Love that come to mind are Inclusivity, Power, Freedom, Joy, Enthusiasm, Strength, Light, the ability to Penetrate the darkness, Wholeness, Stability, Insight, Inspiration & Intuition.  All of these and more are born in the Oversoul or environment of Love.

The greatest forum for Love is being built in my world right now.  My dream to create communities founded in and always from the place of Pure, Un-conditional Love so that individuals healing, growth and maximum creativity are nurtured to the full expression of their highest potential.  For the first time I am reaching out on my blog for your support.  I you believe in the message that I bring here in my blog then please consider logging onto to make a tax deductible donation which will fuel the fire of my Love on and for the planet.  We really appreciate your support – Center for Spiritual Living Aspen has been "my baby" the dream that I have been eating, sleeping and breathing for many moons - it is without a shadow of a doubt the vision for my life.  It is finally coming to reality after 13 years of dreaming, visioning and planning.   Centers for Spiritual Living are in great alignment with the Principles of the 12 steps - in fact it is said that our founder Ernest Holmes was good friends with Bill W and you can often find similar descriptions of God and Principle in both of their writings.  We often say that we are grateful to be alcoholics/addicts because we have these principles and communities to live by and within - well, is a way that these gifts are offered to the community at large.  Again - please consider donating what you can as we are raising the seed money to have a beautiful launch on August 5th. 

May your world be fueled by Divine Love from within AND all around.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yoga, Meditation, the Steps Converge for Life to Emerge

“Good judgment, a careful sense of timing, courage and, prudence – these are the qualities we shall need when we take step 9.” – Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
Ahh, how I missed the sweet spaciousness of one of my favorite Spiritual Practices in the world – yoga.  It’s been a few weeks since I have practiced and yesterday I promised myself I would go.  Despite all of my ego’s efforts to procrastinate and leave this practice for another day, I showed up.  I am so grateful that my higher self One and yesterday I got to remember what it feels like to be in my body again.  At one point I was cradling my entire leg in my arm and rocking it like a baby (ok – so it wasn’t just me – it was the entire class ) I found myself giggling out loud in class at the sweetness of this posture.  It dawned on me that I was using strength in one area of my body to improve the flexibility in another – how beautiful.  Ok – so admittedly I am feeling naturally high this morning after my morning meditation.

Meditation is that time where I focus on turning my attention so far inward that it is higher than my thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Meditation is consciously turning toward that changeless, untouchable stuff within me and beginning by having a conversation with that.  Eventually that conversation becomes a Union and I begin to operate from that place – the High Self and Boy am I a Divine Center of Power and Vision when I operate from a total Union and Connection with Source.  I love meditation and I love feeling the natural high that I looked for in drugs and alcohol for so long.

On another note – I took the first steps of my 9th step – “made amends to those people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or other.”  Per my sponsor and God’s mysterious ways – I am starting with my doozies.  Well I emailed both of these people yesterday simply stating that I am at the place in my sobriety where it is time to make an amends.  Ok – the amends hasn’t even come yet but HOLY SMOKES does it feel good to have taken an honest step here.  I already feel a momentum building and get a funny feeling that I have a new fervor for making these amends and feeling the freedom that I sense is born from this process.   Yay – this morning I am especially diggin’ sobriety, yoga and life.  I hope you are too!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Triumphant Nature of Sobriety

With a clear and deep Gratitude for my sobriety I share a powerful demonstration this morning of how this program works.  I just returned from my brother, Jon’s, wedding in Telluride.  I have always know that one of the major themes of my life is Triumph.  It had to be because there was so much challenge that I knew it was the first side of the coin of Triumph that I came to live.  I have an awareness that I have chosen the life challenges that would offer me the biggest opportunities for growth, evolution and development without killing me.  My soul said a Big, Mighty Yes to Big Development and Unfoldment when it chose my particular family.  With two deaths in my immediate family at a young age, loads of money appearing and disappearing and a huge family chalk full of souls on a deep journey of soul’s who are deeply “in it,”  we have been a family that I have taken for a lot worse.  This past weekend I found a chord of Harmony and Love that I had almost given up on and it was as if the last 15 years of my life had come full circle to a moment in time where my family was together for the first time since my fathers funeral in 1998.  I had come across individual family members in different settings over the years and it almost always turned into a confusing and difficult navigation of the giant pain bodies that we had all developed through the tragedies in our lives.  One of the ways that I felt I was missing out was with my nephews and nieces and little sisters who seemed to be trapped from me on the other side of the pain that always erupted among the adults.   This weekend the light shined through after years and years of trials and tribulation.  Thanks to my program the pain buttons that used to stick out from every angle of me that seemed so ridiculously easy to push and unveil uncomfortable instability and a resulting sadness and anger, seemed to have vanished.  I showed up as the confident, powerful, humble and happy woman that I always knew that I was.  Although there weren’t any awards or lavish strokes of the ego about how much I have changed or grown, there was the True gift of a sincere connection and a deep knowing that I was dancing in beautiful harmony with these teachers we showed up in this life to be my family.  I guess you never know until you dive in, how much you have really grown or how much your consciousness has evolved.  This weekend I found the barometer for my consciousness which has had a true chance to evolution through my program in sobriety, to be hot with the fires of Love and Harmony.  For this I am truly grateful for my sobriety.  Take another step forward and soon you will find yourself in a moment of Triumph, Harmony and Love.  Blessings. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Be Here Now & Feel Joy & Serenity

“The future is no place to place your better days.” – Dave Mathews Band

“Be here now”… a phrase I use so often when I am leading meditation class.  I hear it resounding in my being this morning and as I gently move from my morning meditation to writing here, these are the words that flow from my heart – this is my mantra today.  I am here now, today.  I study spirituality in a really beautiful philosophy which offers a remembering to my soul – life is Infinite….meaning my soul will go on to Infinity developing and unfolding and expanding.  Currently I am living a very disciplined life for the sole purpose of the un-foldment of my dreams.  In the business of creating whatever we want using the laws of cause and effect, we can sometimes get caught up in creating everything that feels good, right now in the moment.  As I have grown in my Spirituality I am realizing how dynamic our nature truly is and in this there is so much unfolding all at once.  I used to think that I was overly sensitive and in fact was considered by many to be a very sensitive as a child.  What I am realizing now is that I was “overly sensitive” and yet it was because my intuitive sense was far more developed than many of the people around me.  As I really get to know myself through these steps and the other practices involved in my spiritual program, I am beginning to get a sense of how powerfully intuitive I have always been.  In my sobriety I get to connect with my intuition again and allow it to be my guiding light.  The lesson I am learning when it comes to my intuition today is to allow my mind to be quiet surrounding what is coming through my intuition.  Sometimes my intuition has to do with a moment, a day, a year, another time and sometimes it has to do with what I believe to be even other lifetimes.  Sometimes when I have a really strong insight, sign or most often, feeling about someone or something - my mind wants to run away with it.  What I am learning is that everything that has been given to me through my intuition is a part of the dynamic unfolding and how sweet it is to be connected to the vision before it emerges.  However, even with the sheer magic and power of my intuition – my  joy and serenity are contingent on my ability to follow Dave Mathews advice and realize that today has Infinity’s Perfect Gifts for the day, right here.  Be here now…. the future will come as the present bearing It’s perfect gifts on the day that it arrives.  I Am fully Present Here now.  I receive and give the gifts of the day with and to those whom I encounter today.  I am aware that this day is perfect in its fullness.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The 12 Steps A Pathway to True Inspiration

“In high moments of recognition of the light that transcends reason, man transcends himself, and writes ore wisely than he knows.” Emma Curtis Hopkins  “No man when in his wits attains prophetic truth and inspiration, but when he receives the inspired word his intelligence is enthralled.” –Plato

So, after an hour of meditation in the early hours of the morning, as the sun rises and the birds sing their joyful song, I read these words and am reminded that there is something so powerful beyond reason.  Our “wits” can not reveal “prophetic truth.”  When however, one is inspired then the “intelligence is enthralled!”  Wow!  Incredible!  I believe this is speaking to the re-organizing of priorities and emphasis of the places in our lives from which we move.  I mean, is it most important that I speak from my intellect and get involved in the game of right and wrong….because my ego sits dangerously close to my intellect in my being.  Or shall I seek to speak, move and have my being from a deeper place?  Shall I seek to move passed my wits into the seat of my soul, to the place of my intuition and my heart and my true power.  Yes!  Take me there.  But how then do I get passed the place that society has conditioned me so strongly to be?  How do I arrive at the place deep down in my soul that is calling me ever so lovingly? 

Ahhh, I take the next step in my 9th step and write that email and make that call.  I say yes to the suggestions and continue to walk my path in my program. You see this program is a road map into the heart.  It is a road map with trails marked “humility,” “forgiveness” “honesty” and those trails lead to higher trails marked “true spiritual power” “freedom” & “integrity.”  I met with my sponsor after two weeks of having the assignment to make contact with someone on my amends list – you know, one of the doozies and someone who was a very powerful mentor in my life who is now becoming a colleague.  Although there is nothing inside screaming “don’t do this – I am scared” there IS something going on because I hadn’t even taken one baby step in the direction of contacting these people.  SO with the trail maps of wondrous life in mind… I take these next steps in my 9th step.  I seek the th trail map that ultimately leads to my heart – my place of inspiration and joy.  I believe I am on the right path.  Just one step forward today is perfect J  Happy Trails. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independent From the Ties that Used to Bind

The day before the 4th of July marking Independence Day.  I can’t help but wonder how independent we really are as a society and as individuals.  Is being independent, being free.? Or perhaps have we reached the other end of the evolutionary cycle – the point where bridging the borders and recognizing ourselves as part of the One community of life,  and of the world would be more empowering, enlightening and freeing.  I dunno – what I do recognize is the love that I have for the 12 step community.  As people flood Aspen to participate in the 4th of July festivities I find solace, joy and great gratitude in the rooms filled with the odd family member of those visiting families, who is brave enough to endure a 4th of July in Aspen amongst the partiers, the to do’s and the overall increase in what is already an intensely powerful energy.  This morning I chaired my first meeting of this particular service position and as always – I asked my sponsor to kick of this period of time by sharing her story.  She shared honestly and therefore powerfully from her heart.  I was struck by how wonderful the program of AA really is in Aspen.  I looked around the room at all of the incredible women who I relate so much too.  The kind of woman who is going to go for a quick 4 mile hike in the morning, followed by a really nice breakfast with friends, time with family and a picnic dinner outside the Aspen Music Festival.  These are my kind of women and this is my kind of sobriety.  For a while I was stuck with “the grass is greener” lenses in my shades.  I kept thinkin’ everybody else had something goin on that I didn’t and slowly but surely with some prayer, a dedication to these steps and a solid spiritual practice, I’m starting to really realize that of course others have wonderful things happening in their lives – those wonderful things being perfect for their lives, and me…..well, I have got it goin’ on too!  I have got it goin’ on my with sobriety while others have their drink goin’ on to celebrate the 4th.  My sobriety is perfect for and their drink is somehow perfect for them.  My friends are Divinely appointed and perfect for me and other groups of women and friends have exactly the perfect Divine idea unfolding in their lives.  So this 4th of July I celebrate my independence from wanting a drink or to be anywhere else in the world and allow myself to fully experience the overflow of gifts in every area of my life.  I live it. Love it. Bring It. By Being my Authentic Self, right exactly where I am.  Your good is right where you are, open your heart and your eyes to seeing this truly and rightly.  This Independence day chose to notice your independence from that which used to bind and your freedom to be more of who were meant to be, all the time.  Love and Blessings